About us

Hi! I’m Rosie, the creator behind Saltskin Jewellery.

I’ve been hand crafting jewellery in one way or another for about 7 years now. I always loved anything creative growing up but wasn’t particularly good at any one thing. After finishing uni I was chatting to a family friend about a ring they’d made themselves - it was incredible and all I wanted to do was learn to make one myself…and so Saltskin Jewellery was born. I started off with beaded bracelets and earrings whilst waiting to start an evening course to learn the basics of silversmithing. Since completing a few short courses at the local college, I have taught myself many more skills through trial and error, and the odd YouTube video!

I aim to create all of my jewellery from recycled sterling silver, responsibly sourced gemstones and sea glass that I have found on local beaches. I am lucky enough to live in South Wales where we have so many incredible beaches to search for sea glass and little shells to cast. 

My favourite place is the beach - hence the name saltskin - and my jewellery is heavily influenced by my love of the ocean and nature but I pull inspiration from everywhere and sometimes I just make what I fancy.

From admin to design, to creating, to photography, to parcelling and posting, it’s just me! It can be a lot sometimes but I am so grateful that this is my job. It’s the best!

If you have any questions or enquiries, then please fire me a message on social media or via email and I will be more than happy to answer!

Enjoy browsing and thank you for all your support.

Rosie xx